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Avila and the cuisine!

Avila has an authentic tradition of cuisine. To discover during you stay of course!!

Excellent roasts and the famous veal steak are only a few of the dishes that make up the amazing cuisine of the province of Avila, without forgeting wonderful cakes and pastries, especially the renowned "yemas de Santa Teresa" (a sweet made with egg yolk and sugar).

Yemas de Santa Teresa

Yemas de Santa Teresa

Avila authentic cuisine
Avila's cuisine has its roots in local products, lots of meats and excellent pulses, which shows strong Muslim, Hebrew and Christian influences. Together they make a rich, varied and delicious fare, adapted to the climatic conditions of the province.
Avila's cuisine is a great example of what you can expect in the rest of Castile-León. Rich dishes, soups, stews and roasts are a manifestation of the great agricultural and cattle-raising tradition of the region. Most of the main courses are made with vegetables and beans, like the Moragueño-style chickpea stew, the cabbage ajoarriero, the stuffed peppers or the popular patatas revolconas, which are mashed potatoes, dressed with paprika and bacon bits. Also try the meat and sausages from freshly-slaughtered pigs, such as pork loin, chorizos (Spanish sausages cured with paprika) and black pudding.
Hornazos (sausage and egg savoury pies) are popular all across Castile, but in Avila they make the best ones. Try also like in all spain tapas and selection of Jabugo!!

Food you should try while in Avila:

  • Amarguillos (bitter almond pastries)
  • Baby goat
  • Bell peppers
  • Chickpeas from Moraña
  • Green beans
  • Huesitos (bone-shaped marzipan pastries)
  • Pine nut ball
  • Pork loin
  • Spanish sausage casserole
  • Tarts
  • Torrijas (similar to French toast)
  • Veal from Avila
  • Cabbage al ajoarriero
  • Moraña-style stew
  • Patatas revolconas (mashed potatoes with paprika)
  • Roast suckling pig
  • Stuffed onions
  • Veal T-bone steak from Avila
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